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Writing 101: Performing Disability: Advanced Search Tips

Advanced Search Tips

Note: Advance slides forward and backward with arrows. Click on  to expand to full screen.

Review the slides above to learn how to: 

  • Brainstorm your topic and break it into specific terms and concepts to use in library databases
  • How to search more effectively in library databases
  • How to refine your search using advanced search techniques


Smart Web Searching

See the "Get More Out of Google article" to learn strategies for becoming an expert web searcher. Many of these strategies will translate to searching research databases for academic materials.

  • Searching within a particular domain (ex. ".gov" or ".edu") can help you find relevant materials for research
  • Limiting your dates to very current or a historical time range can help you target your search

Source of Infographic, Hack College, "Get more out of Google."