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SOCIOL 333: Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data: Finding Books

Searching the library catalog

The library catalog lets you search for books, journals, DVDs, music, and research materials that are available in the Duke University Libraries.

When you know exactly what you want:

  • Search the library catalog by title or author of the work (Ex. Mccann, Colum).
  • Use the catalog's advanced search for the most precise searching.

When you are starting a search on a new topic:

  • Use the default keyword search to see what books we have on a particular topic (Ex. civil war).
  • Click on relevant suggested subjects for more focused search results (Ex. united states - history - civil war, 1861-1865).

Finding the location and call number of a book

When you find a book, note the library, locationcall number, and status of the book (see example below).

Click on the location map to see a detailed map of the location of the book in the library.

Reading a call number

PR Find the PRs.
6063 The numbers following the letters are read as a whole number. Ex. 6063 comes after 6055. 
.C335 For the next part of the call number, go to the letter(s) and then treat the number(s) as a decimal. Ex. .C335 comes after .C3
Z42 Read the next line's numbers as a whole number. Z42 comes before Z46
2006 The final number, if included, is the year of publication.This book was published in 2006.

Requesting books

If a book is checked out, click on the green request button to request the book. Enter your netid and password. Then click, 'Request'. (View short tutorial)

The Library Service Center is an off-site storage facility. If a book that you want is in the Library Service Center, click on the little truck to place a request. (View short tutorial)

Finding and using ebooks

As you search the library catalog for books, you will find lots of ebooks (see below). Click on the  button to access the book online. 

For help using ebooks, refer  to the library's research guide to reading, downloading, and using ebooks.