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Disability Studies: Disability at Duke

This guide provides resources for your research in Disability Studies

Disability Related Organizations

Here are a few disability-related organizations at Duke if you are looking to get involved: 

Duke Disability Alliance - Student group whose mission is to make Duke more inclusive and accessible by fostering conversations about disability issues, expanding accessibility on campus and in the community, encouraging positive perceptions and full appreciations of people with disabilities, and promoting their legal rights.

Disability and Access Initiative - Group for educators at Duke (faculty, graduate students, etc.). Through readings and discussions, participants work toward building disability studies content into their courses and developing a disability-conscious pedagogy. Together, we aim to improve the accessibility of our campus culture, and lead Duke students in promoting disability justice.

Health Humanities Lab - The FHI Health Humanities Lab takes an inventive, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the health of populations locally and worldwide through work grounded in histories, literatures, languages, cultures, arts, media, and critical theory. The lab structure is intrinsically vertically-integrated, involving undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and community in interest-driven research projects.

Duke Disability Management System

Disability Management System (DMS) - The Disability Management System (DMS) provides leadership to the University and University Health System efforts to ensure an accessible, hospitable working and learning environment for people with disabilities while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.

Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) - The Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to our campus community. Accessibility is an essential feature of the Duke campus, and we strive to create an inclusive community for our students. We strive to ensure that students with disabilities are provided the tools they need to fully access all aspects of student life inside and outside of the classroom.