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Disability Studies: Finding Statistics

This guide provides resources for your research in Disability Studies

Duke Libraries' Data and Visualization Services

Duke's Center for Data and Visualization Sciences provides consulting services and instruction that support data-driven research. Their team of consultants and interns offers support in data sources, data management, data visualization, geographic information systems, financial data, and statistical software. Their lab includes 12 workstations with the latest data software and three Bloomberg Professional workstations and is open nearly 24/7 for the Duke community. 

Recommended Statistical Sources

  • Annual Disability Statistics Compendium - Collects disability statistics from various federal agencies. Includes annual reports on disability statistics in the United States, as well as state statistics broken down by county. 
  • State Data Info - Collects data from state intellectual and developmental disability agencies on work and employment. Includes national reports and state snapshots. 
  • Disability Statistics - Online resource from Cornell University with an interactive search tool that covers American Community Survey, Current Population Survey, and other data sources. Also includes annual Disability Status reports dating back to 2008. 
  • United Nations Disability Statistics - Website from the UN that allows users to look at disability statistics by country and topic. 
  • Disability and Health Data System (DHDS) - Center for Disease Control and Prevention website that helps users explore state-level health and demographic data about adults with disabilities. 

Disability Factsheets

If you're looking for quick and simple disability statistics check out these factsheets.