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Architectural History: Architecture and Urban Planning: Article Indexes

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Finding articles


Google Scholar - explanation - full text index of scholarly literature across a wide variety disciplines.  Text, however, is limited because of copyright, consulting the library copy may be necessary.

Google Books - explanation - full text index of books and magazines scanned by Google, converted to text using optical character recognition.  Like above, full-text examination is limited.


Article Indexes

Avery Index - premier index for architecture journals, includes architectural history, urban planing, theory and preservation.


Other Art Journal Containing Architecture in order of usefulness/importance

Art & Architecture Source (formerly Art Source) - the major journal article source for art; 1929-present. 

Kubikat -  online article and book catalog of five major European art libraries.  Multilingual


Artbibliographices Modern - just 19th-21st-century art topics;  good on architects.




Humanties Journal Databases

JSTOR   - limit to "architecture" or "history".  Don't forget you can search by image contained in article by "caption" search.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index - (Web of Knowledge) - look up scholarship by whom was cited in the article.  Great for reviews!

Research Help

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