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Games and Gaming

Recommended Databases

Gaming Specific Journals

  • Well Played A journal on video games, value and meaning.
  • Games and Culture An international journal that promotes innovative research about games and culture.
  • Simulation & Gaming A leading international forum for the exploration and development of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training, consultation, and research.
  • Loading... A print-based and online journal, Loading... publishes empirical, theoretical, and design-based research on the multifaceted, multimodal, interdisciplinary subject of digital games.
  • Journal of Games Criticism The journal strives to be a producer of feed-forward approaches to video games criticism with a focus on influencing gamer culture, the design and writing of video games, and the social understanding of video games and video games criticism.
  • Board Games Studies Journal Online Board Game Studies is an academic journal for historical and systematic research on board games. Its object is to provide a forum for board games research from all academic disciplines in order to further our understanding of the development and distribution of board games within an interdisciplinary academic context.
  • Analog Game Studies A bi-monthy journal for the research and critique of analog games. We define analog games broadly and include work on tabletop and live-action role-playing games, board games, card games, pervasive games, game-like performances, carnival games, experimental games, and more. Analog Game Studies was founded to reserve a space for scholarship on analog games in the wider field of game studies.
  • Game Studies Open access, international journal of computer game research. Focuses on aesthetic, cultural, and communicative aspects of computer games.