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Visual Studies: Getting Started

Welcome WORLD OF GAMING - 453S/455S

Theory & Textual Indexes

There's a huge body of writing on visual theory and image meaning/manipulation.  Search these for relevant articles and books.

ARTBIBLIOGRAPHIES MODERN - Major journal index address modern visual studies.  For gaming, use both "games" and "gaming" as search words.

DUKE CATALOG -  Subject terms include  Visual Communication and Computer art

Oxford Art Online - Oxford's combined art databases, searchable uniformly or individually.  Includes techniques, media, subjects

A Guide to the Web's Free Image Resources (2013 Atlantic article) - still a nice survey.

Beginnings - Reference Sources

Interesting specializes digtial image collections (also see the "Images" tab on this guide)

Visual Studies Archive - Shoah Foundatioin

VADS - Image Index - a service of the Library & Student Services department of the University for the Creative Arts.

Victorian Popular Culture

Reanimation Library - copyright-free books heavy on images and visual content

Great Browsing Beginnings

Sometimes you just need to see a ton of images to find the perfect one.  Books have the advantage over databases in that their subjects are more limited than a broad web search and their source/owner more reliably documented.  Fun, disparate image browsing includes:

Graphis design annual [serial].  Library Service Center: NC997.A1 G73 LSC - art journal of art/design - commercially centered, but still very creative

Art directors annual [serial].  Library Service Center NC997.A1 A69    - Annual summary of awarding winning designs in the advertising field - includes print, video and internet

All-American ads (series). NC998.5.A1 A155  A decade-by-decade tour through commercial art, each decade a different volume (the 50's, the 60's, etc.)

Subject Guide

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