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Music 790s: German Opera During the Weimar Republic: Finding Books

Selected Studies on Music in the Weimar Republic

Selected Cultural and Historical Studies of the Weimar Republic

Links to Subjects

These links to subjects can help you with focused browsing in the library catalog. 

To find subject categories in the catalog, select "In Subject Category" or simply start typing the terms you're interested in, and the catalog will suggest subject terms for you to try. 

Because of the many different ways books are categorized and described, you will get the best range of results by trying both keyword and subject searches.

Expert Tips


  • Several important areas of the stacks are arranged alphabetically by composer, facilitating browsing. 
    • Composer biographies are located downstairs in the Music Library in the ML410 section
    • Bibliographies of composers are found in the ML134 section in Reference
    • Scholarly complete works editions are located in the M3 section of the stacks.
  • A quick way to find out if there is a bibliographical guide in the area you're researching is to select a subject search, start typing a name or topic, and add  "Bibliography" in a subject search, such as Hindemith--Bibliography.  This will help you find comprehensive and often annotated guides, usually broken down into categories to zero in on the aspects of the topic you're interested in.