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Music 790s: German Opera During the Weimar Republic: Locate Articles

Key Databases for Articles and Music Reviews



Expert Tips


Expert Tips for Finding Articles:

  • Use "and," "or," and "not" to connect combinations of keywords to narrow or expand your results.
  • You can use a Truncation Symbol (usually *) to allow for variation in the ending of a word.  Example: Sing* will pick up Singers, Singing, etc.
  • You can use a Wildcard (usually # or ?) to replace letters in words that you know will be subject to variation.  Example: Wom?n will pick up Woman or Women.
  • Put a phrase like "Weimar Republic" in quotation marks to search for these words together as a phrase.
  • Specify where you want the database to search, such as in the Abstract of the articles, for more focused results
  • Many database have subject vocabularies you can use to select the terminology and subject groupings applied to records in that database
  • You can filter a search to limit your results to scholarly articles, to exclude reviews, and to generally refine your results in various ways.
  • Many database provide full text, but if not, click on the Get it @ Duke button to search for full text in other databases at Duke.
  • If your article is not available in electronic full text, you have a couple of other good options for getting full text.  The LSC (Duke's offsite storage) has print copies of many bound periodicals--they will produce a pdf of an article you need.  If the journal is not at Duke, you can request it on Interlibrary Loan--ILL will find another university that has the journal and they will send you a pdf.  LSC and ILL article requests can be made through the ILL/Document Delivery website.