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The Kevin P. Reilly, Sr. Outdoor Advertising Archives: Print Material

Outdoor Advertising Collections in the Hartman Center

Trade Serials and Magazines

The following are selected titles relating to the business of outdoor advertising from the late 19th century to the present.  There are many more titles available in the Rubenstein Library.  

  • The Bill Poster: Journal of the Associated Bill Posters' Association, 1896-1898 
  • Display Advertising: Merged with The Bill Poster to form Billposter-Display Advertising
  • The Billposter-Display Advertising: the official journal of the Associated Bill Posters of the Unites States and Canada, 1898-1903
  • The Billposter and Distributor: the official journal of the Associated Bill Posters of the United States and Canada, 1903-1908.
  • The Poster: An illustrated monthly magazine dedicated to poster advertising and poster art.  Official journal of the Poster Advertising Association (later Outdoor Advertising Association of America).
  • Advertising Outdoors: Newsletter of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Prescriptive Literature

A chronological list of select titles offering guidance on the creation, construction, and installation of effective outdoor advertising in a number of different mediums.  Additional topics include local, state, and federal ordinances, statutes and laws effecting the outdoor industry.