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The Kevin P. Reilly, Sr. Outdoor Advertising Archives: Agency and Organizational Records

Outdoor Advertising Collections in the Hartman Center

Agency and Organizational Records

C&U Poster Advertising Company Records, 1896-2004

C&U Poster Advertising Co. was founded in 1912 and created outdoor advertisements and billboards in Illinois. The collection includes a range of materials related to the company and outdoor trade organizations (Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois, Inc. (OAAII) and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America). Many of the legal files in the collection relate to the litigation case of C&U Poster Advertising Co. v. The Cities of Champaign and Urbana, Ill., regarding sign ordinances and outdoor advertising aesthetics.

Clear Channel Outdoor Photographs and Slides, circa 1940s-2002 [Catalog Record]

The collection contains photographs and slides primarly showing billboards and other outdoor advertising media and featuring locations in California or the western United States. The work of the Foster and Kleiser, Patrick Media Group, and Eller Media companies are represented.

Duplex Advertising Company. Billboards Images and Records, 1964 - 1993

The Duplex collection contains outdoor advertising images placed primarily in Texas. The collection consists of over 5,000 color photographs, slides, and negatives of billboards located in the central Texas area (Austin, Temple, and surrounding areas). Products and clients tend to be local rather than national.  

Gaess Outdoor Advertising Photographs, 1950s - 1960s

Family-owned outdoor advertising company founded in the 1930s in northern New Jersey, serving the New Jersey-Metropolitan New York market. Contents include black-and-white photographs and negatives of painted and blank billboard structures, locations, proposed locations and competitors' billboards. Clients include Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch), Cities Service (Citgo), Gulf Oil, Schaefer and Schlitz.

God Speaks public service advertising campaign records, 1998 - 2000

The collection comprises material relating to the God Speaks public service advertising campaign that featured quotes from God on billboards, public transit shelters, and buses. The campaign began in Florida in 1988, then went national and won an Obie Award in 1999.

General Outdoor Advertising Plan Books, 1916-1927

This collection contains various scrapbooks with images of billboards and outdoor posters as well as correspondence, travel materials, and other items.  The books are organized by type of product as well as specific companies, including Proctor & Gamble and Maxwell House.

General Outdoor Advertising Promotional Photograph Album, 1920s - 1940s 

In 1925, advertising firms The Fulton Group and the Cusack Co., of Chicago, Ill., merged to become the General Outdoor Advertising Company (GOA). The collection comprises a 38 pg. promotional photograph album containing 72 black-and-white photographs without captions. The album focuses on electronic and neon outdoor signs, including movie and theater marquees, small business and corporate signs, and local and national brand-name products, all represented in both urban and smaller town settings. Locations represented include Chicago, Los Angeles, and Times Square. Companies and brands represented include Du Pont, Sears, Johnson & Johnson, Coke, Oldsmobile, and Wrigley's.

Naegele Outdoor Records, 1985-1990

Naegele Outdoor Advertising Inc, was a billboard and outdoor advertising company. In 1985 Morris Communications Corp. purchased the company which was subsequently renamed Fairway Outdoor Advertising in 1991. The majority of the collection consists of slides with photographs of outdoor advertising and printed materials.

Ohio Outdoor Advertising Corporation Records, 1929 - 1993

The Ohio Outdoor Advertising Corporation operated in northern Ohio from 1965-2000. The collection include clippings, corporation reports, negatives, photograph albums, photographs, poster boards, promotional materials, regional maps, slides, and trade literature that document the operational history of Ohio Outdoor and related companies. The bulk of this collection consists of photographs and slides of Ohio billboards from 1937-1993. Photograph subjects also include Ohio street locations and outdoor advertising events.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) Archives, 1885 - 1990s

OAAA is the major trade organization for the out-of-home advertising industry. This large collection includes a variety of administrative records (correspondence, minutes, conference reports, internal memoranda, position papers, legal briefs, etc.) reflecting a wide range of administrative activities and topics related to the industry (billboard construction & lighting, highway beautification, marketing strategies & trends, traffic patterns). The collection also includes numerous publications, proceedings, and reports, as well as a fair amount of visual materials (photographs of key officers, blueprints of billboard architecture, audio-visual materials). The Outdoor Advertising Historical Collection, formerly a separate collection, has been integrated within the larger OAAA Archives. The bulk of this collection is found in the History Series of the OAAA Archives.

OAAA Poster Designs Collection, circa 1930 - 1940s

Sketches of billboard advertisements representing the creative work of several outdoor advertising companies such as Foster & Kleiser and General Outdoor Advertising Co. Most of these are generic sketches that could be adapted for particular products, stores, or brands. Also includes numerous examples from the Annual Exhibition for Outdoor Art. The several hundred sketches are in black and white on 3" by 5" note cards and are arranged by product type.

OAAA Slide Library, 1891 - 1994

Collection of tens of thousands of color slides documenting billboard advertising. Images document the advertising output of various billboard companies (Foster & Kleiser, General Outdoor, Patrick Media, and Eller) and appear to cover a wide variety of clients/products on primarily the national level.

Outdoor Advertising Association of Connecticut Records, 1970 - 1996

The collection contains the Outdoor Advertising Association of Connecticut's organizational records. The bulk of the materials consist of correspondence, rosters, and other organizational files along with files related to the Scenic Roadways project with the State of Connecticut.

Porter Advertising Billboard Sketches, 1950s - 1970s 

Out–of–home advertising company founded in 1945 and based in Richmond, Indiana. The files document the company's poster designs for a wide range of businesses in the region around Richmond, Indiana. The collection includes rough and developed sketches; design drawings for specific businesses and campaigns; generic designs; and billboard mockups for local businesses.

R.C. Maxwell Company Records, 1891 - 2001 and undated

Billboard advertising company founded in 1894 in Trenton, New Jersey. Collection consists chiefly of photographic prints and negatives of the company's billboards and other advertisements set primarily in New Jersey, with some in Philadelphia, Pa. and other localities. The thousands of photos show outdoor advertising in its rural or urban settings, complete with people, cars, shops, theaters, and boardwalks, thus providing vignettes of 20th century American society. Business records include articles of incorporation and various account information. Also included are sample mechanicals of the billboard art in process.

Strobridge Lithographing Company Advertisements, 1910 - 1954

The collection consists of black and white photographs of signs and billboards for a wide variety of products and placed primarily in Ohio. A guide to the collection contains a photocopy of each print.

Wilkins Media Company Records, 1967 - 1988 and undated 

Wilkins Media is an outdoor advertising company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1965 as Southern Ootdoor Markets, then Associates of the Bell Company, the name was changed to Wilking Outdoor Network when Bill Wilkins purchased the company in 1987. In 1999 the name changed again to its current title. The collection includes print and photographic materials related to the comnpany's activities as well as to the outdoor advertising industry in general.

War Effort Mobilization Campaign Poster, 1942 - 1945

The War Effort Mobilization Campaigns Poster Collection spans the years 1942–1945 and contains reproductions of billboards designed by the War Advertising Council that promote various government campaigns during World War II.