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Canadian Government Resources: Legislative Assembly Papers

Legislative Assembly

Thirteen volumes (covering 1841-1856) have been published so far of this "hansard" reconstructed from contemporary newspaper reports of parliamentary proceedings. In the first volume several chapters discuss the early history and records of the first Canadian parliaments.

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: J103 .J2

In lieu of an official Hansard there were quasi-official newspapers which reported the debates in Parliament. This is one of the more long-lived of these papers.

Special Collections Library Service Center: Use Request Link in Catalog (Reading Room Use Only; Library has 1846-1864.)

  • Canada. Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Journaux

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: Use Request Link in Catalog and Microfilm N4416 (Library has v. 6-10, 1847-1851 of these French-language journals.)

  • Canada. Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Journals.

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: Use Request Link in Catalog and Microfilm N4416
Library has v.11, 1852/53; v. l3, pt. 2, 1854/55; v.14-17, 1856-1858; v.23, 1864; v.25-26, 1865-1866, and v. l-5, 1841-1846; v. 12-13, 1854-1854/55; v. 18-26, 1860-1866 on microfilm. There are also appendices containing various government reports in both sets of Journals. See catalog for exact volumes.

Microfilm N4989


Perkins/Bostock Stacks: J103.J2 C373
Library has: 1876-1957/58 (3d-23d parliaments), 1958-1960 (24th parliament, sessions 1-3), 1962 (24th parliament, session 5), 1963-1984/1986 and standing order.

Microfilm: N4418 (Library has: 1871-1878.)

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: J103 .J3 and Perkins Microfilm
Library has: v. 1-85, 1867/68-1945; v.87-104, 1946-1958; v.106-111, pt. 1, 1960-1964/65; v. 112, pt. 1, 1965; v.113, pt. 1, 1966/67; v. 114, pt. l, 1967/68; v.115, pt. 1, 1968/69; v.116, pt. 1, 1969/70; v.117-129, 1970-1986/87, and v.83-89, 1943/44-1947/48; v.103-106, 1957/58-1960 on microfilm.

House of Commons

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: J103 .K2
Library has: v. 1-276, 1875-1950, 1951-1988/89 and standing order. An index for each session through 1923 is in the last volume of that session. From 1924 the index is a separate volume for each session.

  • Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Journals

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: J103.K2 C373
Library has: v. 1-49, 1867-1914; v.51 -53, 1915- 1917; v.55-99, 1919-1955; v.101-108, 1956/57-1962; v.110-130, 1963-1988/89 and standing order. 
Perkins Microfilm: N4420

Library has v.49-54, 1914-1918; v.98-102, 1953/54-1957; v.107-109, 1960/61-1962/63. There are indexes in each volume and some standing committee and commission reports in the form of appendices are also bound into the backs of volumes.

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: 328.714 C212JA (Use Request Link in Catalog; Library has: 1867-1876, 1877-1890, 1891-1903, 1904-1915, 1916-1930.)


Canada Gazette Part I; Part II

Published under the authority of the Statutory Instruments Act, the Gazette consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 contains material required by federal statute or regulation to be published in the Gazette and excludes items required to be published in either parts 2 or 3.
  • Part 2 includes Statutory Instruments (regulations) and other classes of statutory instruments and documents.
  • Part 3 contains Public Acts of Parliament and their enactment proclamations.

Perkins Microfilm: S264
Library has: part 1, v.94, 1960 to date; part 2, v.88, Dec. 1954, and v.94, 1960 to date. 
Law Library has part 3, v. 1, Dec. 1974 to date.

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