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Canadian Government Resources: Confederation Papers

Pre-Confederation (1841-1866) Legislative Council

Canada. Journals of the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada, v 1-16, 1841-1866.

Perkins/Bostock Stacks Oversize: 328.711 C212J (Use request Link in Catalog) and Microfilm.
(Library has v. l-4, 1841-1844/45 and appendices for v. 3-15 in print and v. 1-16 in the Microforms Dept.)


Library Service Center: Use Request Link in Catalog

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: z342.71 L313I (Use Request Link in Catalog)

Post-Confederation, 1867

Canada. Parliament. Senate and House of Commons. Parliamentary Debates

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: J103.C2 C373 (Library has v. 1-2, 1870-1871, first parliament, 3d and 4th sessions)

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