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Canadian Government Resources: Parliamentary Papers

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Biographical dictionary of members of parliament and includes governmental appointments as well as information about parliamentary careers. Appendices include lists of representatives from the Canadian provinces, lists of senators and their dates of appointment, and a list of parliaments including dates of elections, dates convened, prorogued and dissolved.

Perkins/Bostock Reference: JL131 .C363 1968

Includes general information on Canada's political process, election results, and composition of Federal and Provincial legislatures. 

Perkins/Bostock Stacks: JL179 .C362 (Library has 1984-1985, 1987/88, 1992)

Information on members of the British royal family to biographical sketches of members of provincial legislatures, as well as lists of staffs of executive ministries and of the Governor General's office.

Many of these articles are also available through CPI. Q

Latest in  Perkins/Bostock Reference: JL131 .C363; earlier years in Stacks.  Years before 1909 are in Microfilm N3842.
(Library has 1862/64; 1867; 1869; 1871-1881; 1883; 1885; 1887; 1891; 1897/98; 1898/99; 1901; 1903; 1905; 1909-2002; 2005.)

British Parliamentary Papers regarding Canada are listed on pp. 3-36. Arrangement is chronological and information includes session, volume and page numbers of the British Parliamentary Papers each item is in.

Perkins/Bostock Reference: Z2021 .C7 A3 1913

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