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Japanese Studies Art, Art History & Visual Studies: Biographies

Japanese Biographical Dictionaries

Bijutsu meiten Who's who in art 美術名典 [serial]Edit/Delete
Lilly Ref: N7358 .B474
Library has 1998, 2007
Lilly Ref: N7358 .B5 M512x;
Library has 1998-2011 
An annual biographical listing of Japanese artists classified by type of craft.
Kindai Nihon bijutsu jiten 近代日本美術辞典Edit/Delete
Lilly Ref: N7355 .K57, 1989
A biographical dictionary of modern Japanese artists from early Meiji to those born before 1930. 1,252 artists in paintings and sculpture are listed in gojuon order.
Ningen kokuhō jiten 人間国宝辞典Edit/Delete
EA Ref: NK1071 .N498, 1998
Earlier edition also available through LSC: NK1071 .N498, 1996
Organized by craft.
Nihon shashinka jiten : Tōkyō-to Shashin Bijutsukan shozō sakka 日本写真家事典:東京都写真美術館所蔵作家Edit/Delete
 EA Ref: TR139 .N54, 2000
Contains biographies, exhibition information and bibliographies of 328 photographers whose works are in the collections of Tōkyō-to Shashin Bijutsukan.

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