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Korean Studies Databases: Full text databases available at Duke

Full text databases available at Duke


Koreanstudies Information Services System (KISS) provided by Korean Studies Information (한국학술정보). This database includes 800,000 full text articles in about 6,000 journals from 1,200 academic associations in engineering, social sciences, literatures, languages, medicine, natural sciences, agriculture, oceanography, fishery, art, physical education, etc. Also includes 1,500 e-books published by professors and researchers and Chosun Ilbo archives. All titles have back issues available and are keyword searchable.


Academic database web-service of 854 publications in 11 different fields of society, literature, economics & business, medical science, humanities, theology, law & administration, arts, engineering, natural science, and education. All the back issues of each journal title are available and keyword searchable.

Complete Collection of the Korean Study of Confucian Classics (한국경학자료시스템)

Full-text of Korean Confucian classics. The Institute of Eastern Studies at Sungkyunkwan University compiled the full collection in 145 volumes, the Korean texts of the study of Confucian classics: Daxue(『大學』 Great Learning, 8 vols.), Zhongyong(『中庸』 Doctrine of the Mean, 9 vols.), Lunyu(『論語』, Analects, 17 vols.), Mengzi(『孟子』, Mencius, 14 vols.), Shujing(『書經』, The Book of History, 22 vols.), Shijing(『詩經』, The Book of Poetry 16 vols.), Yijing(『易經』 The Book of Change, 37 vols.), Liji(『禮記』 Records of Rites 10 vols.), Chunqiu (『春秋』 Spring and Autumn, 12 vols.).

The Annals of the Choson Dynasty (조선왕조실록)

The Annals of the Choson Dynasty (朝鮮王朝實錄) comprise 1,893 books covering 472 years (1392~1863) of the history of the Choson Dynasty, from the reign of King Taejo, the founder, to the end of the reign of King Cheoljong. To broaden public access to the annals, the Korean government has supported the project of translating them into Korean from the original classical Chinese.
This searchable online resource of the Annals of Choson Dynasty is treasured historical, political, and diplomatic materials for research on the relations of Japan, Manchuria, China, and the Ryukyus. They also provide useful information about Korea's modern history, the initial period of the open-door policy advancing to the European nations, America, and other countries. Accessible to articles by calendar or by searching key words for integrated materials, translated text (Korean translation) and original text (Chinese scripts).

The Daily Records of Royal Secretariat of Chosun Dynasty (승정원일기)

Seungjeongwon Ilgi, The Diaries of Royal Secretariat of the Joeson Dynasty, recorded for the 271 years of the dynasty from March 1623 (the 1st year of King Injo, 仁祖) to the June 1894 (the 31st year of the King Gojong, 高宗) the daily royal accounts, administrative affairs, and court ceremonies which were in the purview of the Royal Secretariat. The keeping of diaries began in the founding year of Joseon Dynasty, but those of the kings before King Injo were burned to ashes during the Japanese invasions of Korea and by palace fires.
It provides primary reference sources for the compilation of Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which are already listed as a documentary heritage on UNESCO's Memory of the World, testimony to their invaluable attributes. Accessible to articles by calendar or by searching key words. Magazine

Online magazine provided by Chosun Daily Newspaper.
Searchable by news, blog, people, image, documentation, and website. is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese as well as Korean.

Chosun Ilbo Archive

Online version with PDF service for the Chosun Inbo newspaper from 1920 to the present. This database is searchable by keyword, journalist, and date and so on.

Collection of Japanese Colonial Government’s Researches on Korean Culture and History (일제시대문화유적조사자료)

This collection presents a digital version (PDF format) of the Collection of Japanese Colonial Government’s Research on Korean Culture and History. The data are the result of 27 years of research on the Korean Peninsula & Northern Manchuria by the Japanese Colonial government and covers anthropology, history, archeology, art history, architecture, and photographic studies. The collection consists of 62 books which are research reports and picture books.

EncyKorea (한국민족문화대백과사전)

Online version of the Korean Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia (Hanguk Minjok unhwa Tae Paekkwa Sajon) by the Academy of Korean Studies. It contains not only total 70,000 items and 45,000 pages of script and 40,000 photos, but also digitized visual and audio materials on ancient Korean national culture. This on-line encyclopedia is also keyword searchable.

Ilcheha Chonsi Ch'ejegi Chongch'aek Saryo Ch'ongso (일제하 전시 체제기 정책 사료 총서 = 日帝下 戰時 體制期 政策 史料 叢書)

Online version of reprinted book, "Ilcheha chonsi ch'ejegi chongch'aek saryo ch'ongso", compiled by Minjok Munje Yon'guso. This is a collection of reports on Japanese colonial rules and policies in Korea during the Japanese occupation period. All the text is provided in a PDF format and is not searchable.

Kdatabase (한국학전자도서관: 한국현대사 통합데이터베이스)

Provided by Korea Contents Lab, this database provides scholarly information on Korean modern history. Searchable by title, keyword or author, and browsable by period, subject, historian, and title. Resources for contemporary Korean history, which includes archival materials, scholarly works, an encyclopedia of North Korea, and a biographical dictionary of North Korea.

KINDS (미디어가온)

This media portal is a new internet service by Korea Press Foundation (한국언론재단). Media Portal services articles from KINDS (Korean Integrated Newspaper Database System), contents from KPF and more than 20 Korean media related organizations, media groups and web sites. By simply inputting keywords and clicking, users can search and find verified high-quality media news, books, these, etc. As the biggest database that includes most Korean newspapers, KINDS also provides articles from 181 media including Korean national dailies, economic dailies, English-language dailies, television network news programs, news bulletins, local dailies, magazines and professional newspapers.


KoreaA2Z is the web site that includes primary sources, reference resources, classical literature, newspapers, journals, magazines, and other books.

Korean History & Culture Research Database (한국역사문화조사자료데이터베이스)

Korean History & Culture Research Database includes academic materials on history, anthropology, folklore, study of religion and art history.
It includes not only excavation reports but also various types of academic material such as local research reports, picture books and collected papers. Includes Zininzin Excavation Report Database (진인진발굴보고서데이터베이스), which consists of 2,100 excavation reports (from 68 organizations, since 1945) which are archaeological academic research material as well as basic data for Korean cultural properties administration.

KPjournal (북한학술지통합데이터베이스)

On-line databases of North Korean academic journal articles in science and technology provided by Korea Contents Lab. Currently 18 journal titles have their back issues available up to 2003 from 1960 until present. This web site is the only site to provide the articles of North Korean academic journals in a sole contract between North Korea and the world.

KRpia (한국의지식콘텐츠)

Full-text of historical materials and records in the fields of history, literature, folk culture, nature, Chinese medicine, religion, etc. Includes historical materials related to Korean studies as well as Asian Studies. The databases are also keyword searchable, and include image files of original texts in classical Chinese with a searchable translated version in Korean.

KSI E-book (한국학술정보 전자도서)

Full text electronic books in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Searchable by basic, advanced, index, subject, large collection, and integrated search.

Kyongsong Ilbo (경성일보 = 京城日報)

Full text database of the Kyongsong Daily Newspaper from its issue in 1907 to 1945. The articles are provided in a PDF format and are not searchable. This database aims to examine the Japanese viewpoint and actual circumstances about each field of Korean politics, economy, society and culture of the time.

RISS (KERIS 학술연구정보서비스)

The Research Information Service System (RISS) provides access to source information and full texts of distinguished journal articles and dissertations both in Korea and abroad.

Zininzin History Culture series (진인진역사문화시리즈)

This database includes various academic materials focusing on history, anthropology, folklore, the study of religion and art history. It is available in English for the prehistory in Korea; “Stone Age Foragers” and “Bronze and Early Iron Age Archaeology”. Currently, more materials are being translated.