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Korean Studies Databases: Finding Books and Articles

Finding Articles

Kyobo Scholar 스콜라 (교보, 학지사)
Provides full-text database of academic journals published in humanities, social sciences, and science
New Nonmun (학지사 뉴논문) can be accessed from Kyobo Scholar since 2017. 

RISS International
Provides full text journal articles and academic dissertations as the single gateway to access comprehensive resources.

DBpia 누리미디어 학술간행물
Provides full text databases including more than 862,000 articles of 1,124 Korean scholarly journals. Similar to JSTOR. Use Internet Explorer (not Firefox) for this database.

KISS 한국학술정보; 학술DB
Full text database of Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications, and research papers published by over 1,340 journals from 1,200 academic associations in Korea. Use Internet Explorer (not Firefox) for this database.

Full text database of Korean scholarly journals in humanities, social sciences and science. Provided in pdf format.

KoreaA2Z 한국학DB 콘텐츠
Provides a collection of full text databases on a variety of subjects including primary sources, reference resources, classical literature, newspapers and other books. It also includes Digital Culture Art Course (디지털문화강좌), VOD lectures including over 900 courses under 7 subjects for continuing education.

Korean History and Culture Research Database 한국역사문화조사자료 데이터베이스
This database is a full-text collection of excavation reports of historical sites in Korea operated by national and university museums, research institutions and associations since 1910. It also includes the Collection of Japanese Colonial Government’s Researches on Korean Culture and History.

History Culture Series 진인진역사문화 시리즈
Provides access to multimedia series about Korean, Western, and ancient history and art, including Korean folk painting, Stone Age Foragers, Bronze and Early Iron Age Archaeology, and Goguryeo.

Provides a portal service for all law-related issues, indexing 50 categories such as statues, precedents, administrative documents and statistics, academic articles, law journals, law-related news and others.
Full text of journals and newspapers published North Korea, including the English edition of the Pyongyang Times. Searchable by keywords, and browsable by subject areas or journal/newspaper titles.  [Search in Korean & Japanese]
Coverage: various dates

Moazine : 전자 잡지 서비스
Provides access to over 200 Korean magazine titles including archive access; Access to popular Korean language magazines covering current affairs, science and technology, culture, fashion, and literature.

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Finding Books

KRpia 한국의지식콘텐츠
Includes historical materials and records in the fields of history, literature, folk culture, nature, Chinese medicine, religion, etc.  This database is keyword searchable, and includes image files of original texts in classical Chinese with a searchable translated version in Korean.


Finding Statistics

Korean Social Science Data Center (KSDC) Database 
Provides all kinds of statistical yearbooks published by the government, public institutions and overseas institutions. These data are classified and processed through a new data-input system developed by the KSDC, and ready to be used as variables for researches. Uses can easily access this advanced variable-oriented DB, and analyze them statistically on the Website.