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Feminist Movements, 1880s to the Present

Guide to primary sources documenting feminist movements at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture in the Rubenstein Library.

Feminist Activists

Elizabeth (Betsy) Alden Papers, 1970s-1980s
United Methodist clergywoman, Duke graduate, coordinator of Service Learning for Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke. Primarily published materials relating to women's employment, religious, legal, and domestic issues, especially during the 1970s and 1980s in Texas. 

Dorothy Allison Papers, 1970s-2010
Dorothy Allison is an author and feminist who has written numerous books and short stories, including Trash (1988), Bastard Out of Carolina (1992), and Cavedweller (1998).  The Dorothy Allison Papers include drafts and manuscripts of her writings (including Bastard Out of Carolina, Trash, Cavedweller, and other works), personal and professional correspondence, research materials and subject files, her personal journals, and other materials. Includes some photographs, electronic files, and oversize materials.

Pauline Bart Papers, 1995-2008 (bulk 1969-1995)
Pauline Bart is a feminist sociologist and former professor of sociology and psychiatry. From the 1960s to the 1990s, Bart was active in many feminist and civil rights issues, including anti-pornography protests, sexual assault and rape law reform, Jewish and middle-aged women's advocacy, reproductive rights, and violence against women. 

Sallie Bingham Papers, 1930-present
Sallie Bingham is a writer, teacher, feminist activist, and philanthropist. She has published several novels and collections of stories, three collections of poetry, numerous plays, and a family memoir. She is founder of the Kentucky Foundation for Women, which published The American Voice, and the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture at Duke University. She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Phyllis Chesler Papers, 1968-2003
Feminist psychologist and author (Women and Madness, About Men, etc). Collection includes publishing files, research files, academic/teaching materials, subject files, correspondence, writings, printed materials, and ephemera. Parts of collection under restricted access. 

Nikki Craft Papers, 1970-1992
Activist who uses guerilla theater to protest the media's control of women's bodies, e.g. anti-beauty contest, anti-pornography. One small box of mostly flyers, photos, newsletters, newspaper accounts of her projects, more. 

Sara Evans Papers,  1965-2000 (bulk 1968-1998)
Contains papers documenting the teaching, research, writing, and activism of the author of the groundbreaking 1979 study, Personal Politics, about the emergence of the Women's Liberation Movement from the Civil rights and New Left movements. Some of her work is documented in the Boyte Family Papers, 1941-1981, which include material about her involvement in New Left and Socialist organizations (with former husband Harry Boyte), some papers Evans's time as a student at Duke, SNCC newsletters and minutes from the Feminary Collective and Lollipop Power meetings.

Leah Fritz Papers, 1940-2009
American feminist poet and author. Born in the United States, Fritz has been active in England since moving there in 1985. The Leah Fritz papers contain correspondence and subject files; writings, including notebooks and diaries, drafts, published articles, and papers related to the publication of Fritz's prose writings, poetry, and book and article reviews; and audiocassettes of presentations and poetry readings by Fritz and other recordings.

Milo Guthrie Papers, 1962-1990
Southern activist, environmentalist, politician, and graphic artist. Collection has many movement flyers, pamphlets, and newsletters. Check the finding aid for names of organizations and titles of newsletters. 

Kay Leigh Hagan Papers, 1955-2012
Writer, teacher, and feminist. Much of her early career focused on raising women's consciousness by teaching how to recognize various forms of internalized oppression in private classes she called "Feminars." In addition to her writing and teaching, this collection documents Hagan's many public speaking appearances and workshops.

Judith Hennessee Papers, 1970-1999
Biographer of Betty Friedan and member of National Organization for Women. Materials related to NOW, especially their media monitoring of ABC; also clippings, buttons, and stickers; research materials for Friedan biography. Parts of collection under restricted access.

Merle Hoffman Papers, 1960-2003
Publisher/editor-in-chief of On the Issues magazine and founder/director of Choices Women's Medical Center, Inc. and Choices Mental Health Center. Files document professional and personal activities. 

Angela Jeannet Papers, 1969-1984
Co-founder of Lancaster (PA) Women's Liberation Group. Clippings and publications (volumes, pamphlets, newsletters, and other periodicals) related to the movement, on topics including sexual harassment, ERA, pro-choice movement, campus activism, NOW, and women and work; correspondence and meeting minutes. 

Jean Kilbourne Papers
Jean Kilbourne is an author, speaker, and filmmaker known for her work on the image of women in advertising through the film series Killing Us Softly and her critical studies of alcohol and tobacco advertising. 

Kate Millett Papers, 1953-2002
Author, feminist theorist, activist, and visual artist. Manuscripts, writings, photographs, correspondence, research materials, financial files, college notebooks, paintings, and sculptures. Parts of the collection under restricted access. 

Robin Morgan Papers, 1940s-2010 (bulk 1970-2000)
Feminist activist, poet, journalist, author, child star, and longtime editor of Ms. magazine. Documents personal, political, and professional life. Includes materials on Ms., demonstrations against Miss America Pageants, and other activist work; correspondence with Gloria Steinem, Simone de Beauvoir, Kate Millet, Adrienne Rich, Sallie Bingham, and many others; drafts, typescripts, and other materials related to her published and unpublished writings. Parts of the collection under restricted access. 

Catherine Nicholson Papers
Lesbian, feminist writer and magazine publisher, resident of Durham, N.C.; co-founder of Sinister Wisdom, a multicultural lesbian literary and art journal. Bulk of the material dated 1974-2005.

Bobbye Ortiz Papers, 1919-1993
International socialist feminist grassroots organizer from 1940s to 1980s. Collection documents professional and personal life and includes personal correspondence; extensive subject files on international political and cultural movements; photographs and slides; ephemera; sounds recordings; US and international movement posters from the 1960s and 70s; and more. 

Victoria Ortiz Papers, 1942-1999
Activist and author, currently Assistant Dean for Student Services at the UC-Berkeley School of Law; daughter of Bobbye Ortiz. Newspaper and magazine articles, organizational materials, photographs, pamphlets, speeches, and reports related to the international women's movement. Parts of collection under restricted access. 

Irene Peslikis Papers, 1962-2002
Feminist activist and artist. Records documenting Feminist Art Institute, Redstockings, and journal Women & Art; artwork; writings; correspondence; financial, legal, and medical files; teaching notes and files; subject files; photographs and slides; audio and videocassettes. 

Minnie Bruce Pratt papers, 1870s-2005 (bulk 1975-2005)
An award-winning poet, Pratt has published collections of both poetry and essays. Pratt began teaching and grass roots organizing in North Carolina in the 1970s, and has continued her work as a professor and activist through 2008, the time of this writing. The collection dates primarily between 1975 and 2005 and focuses on women's studies, sexual and gender identity, sexuality, and Pratt's fight against racism, sexism, imperialism and other forms of intolerance.

Alix Kates Shulman Papers, 1892-2005 (bulk 1968-2000)
Feminist activist and author (Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen, Drinking the Rain, etc). Collection includes manuscripts, family papers, correspondence and clippings, with an emphasis on early feminist research and activism. Parts of collection under restricted access. 

Mab Segrest Papers, 1967-2002
Southern author, feminist, gay rights and anti-racism activist. Correspondence, research files, manuscript drafts, printed materials, teaching files, and other papers concerning Segrest's career and personal life. Collection under restricted access.

Miriam Slifkin Papers, 1961-2005
Women's rights activist in Chapel Hill, N.C., who founded and was president of the North Carolina Chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the Orange County Rape Crisis Center.

Ann Barr Snitow Papers
Ann Barr Snitow is a feminist activist, writer, and professor of literature and gender studies at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts. Collection includes teaching files, subject files, materials documenting Snitow's involvement in various groups and organizations, feminist publications in Eastern European languages, and her writings.

Margery Sved Papers, 1976-1984
Psychiatrist and original member of the Triangle Area Lesbian Feminists (TALF). Active in the Women’s Health Teaching Group, a group of women who taught medical students about giving pelvic exams to women by allowing the students to practice on them.

Meredith Tax Papers
Meredith Tax is an American writer and feminist activist. Her papers include correspondence, writings, and other papers concerning her career and life. These records also document her involvement in Boston's Bread and Roses, a socialist-feminist collective, Women's WORLD, a global free speech network, CARASA (Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse), PEN American Center Women's Committee, and International PEN Women's Writers Committee. Tax's work as a writer, of books, both fiction and nonfiction, articles, essays, and speeches as well as songs, are represented in the Writings, Speeches, and Songs series.

Dorothy "Cookie" Teer Papers
Dorothy "Cookie" Foster Teer is a native of Durham, N.C. In the early 1980s, Teer became a radical feminist, activist, and speaker, giving slide shows around the United States on pornography, sex role stereotyping, and child pornography. She co-founded the Southern Sisters Bookstore in Durham, N.C., which was "by, for, and about women."

Batya Weinbaum Papers
Batya Weinbaum is a writer, feminist, artist, editor, and professor. She is founding editor of Femspec Journal, and has published five books. Her papers document her academic career, writing and editing, feminist activism, travel, and lesbian separatist communities. 


Feminist Organizations

Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance (ALFA) Archives, 1972-1994
Organizational records of the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance (ALFA) include minutes, correspondence, newsletters, and project files documenting the collective's activities and ideologies from its inception in 1972 to its demise in 1994. Collection also includes archival records of other Southern women's organizations including a women writer's conference, Lucina's Music and Orchid Productions, the Atlanta Socialist-Feminist Union, and the Southern Women's Music Festival. 

Center for Women Policy Studies, 1970-2005
Founded in 1972 as the nation’s first feminist policy analysis, research and advocacy institution. Collection documents the day-to-day operation, programs, and mission of the Center for Women's Policy Studies. The records include subject files, research files, publication materials, lectures, project documentation, program files, surveys, survey data and chronological files accumulated by the organization.

Charis Books and More-Charis Circle Records, 1976-2008
Documents the day-to-day operations, programs, and missions of two organizations, a feminist bookstore and a non-profit feminist organization in Atlanta, GA. Includes financial records for both organizations; board minutes; log books; instructions and reports for the bookstore; records of community programs; poetry workshop materials; photographs; audio cassette tapes; video cassette tapes; computer disks; and ephemera such as flyers, t-shirts, and banners. 

Feminist Women's Health Center Records, 1977-2003
Comprehensive clinic for women in Atlanta, GA. Administrative records, subject and research files, correspondence, printed material, manuals, meeting minutes, photographs, videotapes, artifacts, medical ledgers, and more. Parts of collection under restricted access.

NWSA Journal Records, 1990s-2004
Publication of the National Women's Studies Association. Administrative files; records of site search and other editorial board policy matters; correspondence; annual and semi-annual reports; copyedited manuscripts; readers' reports; and completed manuscripts. Collection closed pending processing. Revisions of issues from each volume published by NWSA Journal. See also the Margaret McFadden Papers.

New York Radical Feminists Records, 1971-2002
New York Radical Feminists was a radical feminist group co-founded primarily by Shulamith Firestone and Anne Koedt with the October 3, 1969 Stanton-Anthony Brigade, after they and other brigade members left Redstockings. New York Radical Feminists members organized small 10-12 women consciousness-raising groups throughout NYC that all came together for a monthly mass business and consciousness-raising meeting.

Sisterhood is Global Institute Records, 1973-2005
International feminist NGO founded in 1984 by Robin Morgan and Simone de Beauvoir. Files relating to the organization's conferences and international advocacy work.

Southeast Women's Employment Coalition (SWEC) Records, 1868-1991 (bulk 1981-1990)
Women organizing for change in workplace legislation and policy in the blue collar South. Correspondence, financial records, reports, printed materials, personnel files, photographs, audiovisual material, writings, meeting minutes, and conference papers.

Veteran Feminists of America (VFA) Records, 1972-2010
VFA is a nonprofit organization for veterans of the Second Wave of the feminist movement. Administrative files, program and reunion materials, obituaries, correspondence, financial information, newsletters, periodicals, and photographs relating to the activities and programs of the Veteran Feminists of America.

Women Work! The National Network for Women's Employment Records, 1979-2009
Women Work! improved women's economic security through job training, education, lobbying policymakers, and partnering with other national organizations. It was originally known as the Displaced Homemakers Network, and operated from 1978 until 2009. Board materials, training guides and reports, program materials, conference files, newsletters and publications, news clippings and photocopies, photographs, slides, electronic files and images, and videos.