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History of Medicine Collections: Subject Guides

Materia Medica

Mattioli, Pietro Andrea.  Commentarii in sex libros Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbei de medica material. Venetiis : Ex Officina Valgrisiana, 1565.

Bullein, William. Bulleins bulwarke of defence against all sicknesse, soarenesse, and woundes that doe dayly assaulte mankinde : which bulwarke is kept with Hilarius the gardener, & Health the phisicion, with the chirurgian, to helpe the wounded souldiours ... 1579.

Gerard, John. The herball, or, generall historie of plantes. London : John Norton, 1597.

Fuller, Thomas. Pharmacopoeia extemporanea; or, A body of medicines : containing a thousand select prescripts answering most intentions of cure : to which are added useful scholia, a catalogue of remedies, and copious index ... 1719.

Lewis, William. An experimental history of the materia medica, or, of the natural and artificial substances made use in medicine : containing a compendious view of their natural history, an account of their pharmaceutic properties, and an estimate of their medicinal powers so far as they can be ascertained by experience, or by rational induction from their sensible qualities. 1769.

Murray, John. Elements of materia medica and pharmacy. 1808.

The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America, 1820. A rather scarce title, which represents the first installment of this publication. In 1820 the U.S.  Pharmacopoeia was founded, and delegates for the state medical societies were invited to attend. Their goal was to establish standards and quality control for drugs that would be used as medicines.

Mitchell, Thomas D. (Thomas Duché). Materia medica and therapeutics : with ample illustrations of practice in all departments of medical science, and very copious notices of toxicology, suited to the wants of medical students and practitioners. 1850

Potter, Samuel O. L. (Samuel Otway Lewis). Materia medica, pharmacy and therapeutics : including the physiological action of drugs, the special therapeutics of disease, official and practical pharmacy, minute directions for prescription writing an avoiding incompatibility, also the antidotal and antagonistic treatment of poisoning. 1906.

Subject Guide Overview

The History of Medicine Collections has collection strengths in the following areas: pediatrics, psychiatry, materia medica, surgical works, anatomical atlases, anatomical flap books, and works on obstetrics and gynecology. The subject guides listed here offer just a few titles on related topics found in the History of Medicine Collections and are by no means comprehensive. Please consult the library catalog or contact the Curator to find more materials.