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History of Medicine Collections: Instruments and Artifacts

Ivory Manikins

The History of Medicine Collections retains the largest collection of ivory anatomical manikins in North America. There are currently 22 ivory anatomical manikins in the collection. Most of the dolls display the female body at a full-term pregnancy. The collection also consists of a few pairs of male and female figures. Dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, these dolls more than likely were used by physicians or midwives for instructing women.

Apothecary Chest

Nonprint items

The nonprint collection includes medical instruments, pharmaceutical cases, photographs, prints, illustrations, commemorative medals, apothecary jars, microscopes, and other medical artifacts. The History of Medicine artifacts collection adds valuable learning experiences to instruction and outreach as well as exhibits and displays.

Glass eye balls

Renaissance Era Amputation Saw

Ivory Manikin

Female Pills