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ECON 326-01: Islam and the State: Political Economy of Governance in the Middle East: Getting Started

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Can, Kadir.
Çarşı-pazar İstanbul.
İstanbul: İstanbul Ticaret Odası, 2011.
Perkins/Bostock Library HF5474.T92 C36 2011 Lilly Library NC1762.T9 S25 2011 Check availability @ Duke

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Sakin, Serdar.
Siyasi karikatürlerde emperyalizm : Milletler Cemiyeti ve Türkiye.
İstanbul: IQ Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık, 2011.
Lilly Library NC1762.T9 S25 2011 Check availability @ Duke

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Kuran, Timur.
Mahkeme kayıitları ışığında 17. yüzyıl İstanbul'unda sosyo-ekonomik yaşam = Social and economic life in seventeenth-century Istanbul : glimpses from court records.
İstanbul: Türkiye İş Bankası, 2010-
Perkins/Bostock Library HC493.I85 M34 2010 v.1-10 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: Cilt 1. Esnaf ve loncalar. Hıristiyan ve Yahudi cemaat işleri. Yabancılar = vol. 1. Guilds and guildsmen. Communal affairs of Christians and Jews. Foreigners -- cilt 2. Ticari ortaklıklar = vol. 2. Commercial partnerships -- cilt 3. Devlet-toplum ilişkileri (1602-19) = vol. 3. State-subject relations (1602-19) -- cilt 4. Devlet-toplum ilişkileri (1661-97) = vol. 4. State-subject relations (1661-97) -- cilt 5. Vakıflar (1602-17) = vol. 5. Waqfs (1602-17) -- cilt 6. Vakıflar (1617-61) = vol. 6. Waqfs (1617-61) -- cilt 7. Vakıflar (1661-83) = vol. 7. Waqfs (1661-83) -- cilt 8. Vakıflar (1689-97) = vol. 8. Waqfs (1689-97) -- cilt 9. Kredi piyasaları ve faiz uygulamaları (1602-61) = vol. 9. Credit markets and uses of Interest (1602-61) -- cilt 10. Kredi piyasaları ve faiz uygulamaları (1661-97). Genel dizin = vol. 10. Credit markets and uses of interest (1661-97). General Index.

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Dūrī, ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz.
Early Islamic institutions : administration and taxation from the Caliphate to the Umayyads and ʻAbbāsids.
London: I. B. Tauris, 2011.
Perkins/Bostock Library JQ1758.A58 D87 2011 Check availability @ Duke
Güzel, Hasan Celâl, et al.
The Turks
Ankara : Yeni Türkiye, 2002.
Perkins/Bostock International & Area Studies Reading Room DS26 .T874 2002 6 vols. Check availability @ Duke
Hardy, Peter.
The Muslims of British India.
London: Cambridge University Press, 1972.
Perkins/Bostock Library DS463 .H37 1972 Check availability @ Duke
Hinds, Martin.
Studies in early Islamic history.
Princeton, N.J.: Darwin Press, 1996.
Library Service Center DS38.3 .H56 1996 Check availability @ Duke
Hodgson, Marshall G. S.
The venture of Islam : conscience and history in a world civilization.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1974.
Divinity School Library DS36.85 .H63 1974 v.1-3 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: v. 1. The classical age of Islam.--v. 2. The expansion of islam in the middle periods.--v. 3. The gunpowder empires and modern times.
İhsanoğlu, Ekmeleddin.
History of the Ottoman state, society & civilisation.
İstanbul: Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture, 2001.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room DR486 .O82513 2001 v.1-2 Check availability @ Duke
İnalcık, Halil.
Ottoman civilization.
Ankara : Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture, 2003-2004.
Perkins/Bostock International & Area Studies Reading Room DR486 .O886 2003 2 vols. Check availability @ Duke
v. 1. State, society, economy. Religion and thought. Science and education. Daily life and communications. Genealogy, chronology -- v. 2. Literature. Architecture and fine arts. Performing arts and music. Europe and the Ottomans.
İnalcık, Halil.
The Ottoman Empire: the classical age, 1300-1600.
New York, Praeger Publishers, 1973.
Perkins/Bostock Library DR486 .I5 1973b Check availability @ Duke
Jenkins, Everett.
The Muslim diaspora : a comprehensive reference to the spread of Islam in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, c1999-
Divinity School Library Quarto BP50 .J46 1999 Check availability @ Duke
Lapidus, Ira M.
A history of Islamic societies.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
Perkins/Bostock Library DS35.63 .L37 2002 Check availability @ Duke
Ira Lapidus explores the origins and evolution of Muslim societies. The book, now revised and updated, is divided into three parts. The first covers the formative era of Islamic civilization. The second traces the diffusion of worldwide Islamic societies, while the third explores their reaction to European imperialism, and emergence as independent states. The concluding chapters consider Islam's recent history, the formation of Islamic revival movements and global Islamic identities. The book is essential reading for students and for those seeking to understand the Muslim peoples.
Milton-Edwards, Beverley.
Islamic fundamentalism since 1945.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York: Routledge, 2014.
Perkins/Bostock Library BP166.14.F85 M55 2014 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: A diverse tradition from past to present -- The advance of secularism: the decline of Islam? -- Identity and revivalism -- Islam armed: resistance in an ideological era -- Going global: fundamentalism and terror -- Ground zero and Islamic fundamentalism -- Islamic fundamentalism and the Arab awakening.
Roxburgh, David J. (ed.)
Turks : a journey of a thousand years, 600-1600.
London; New York: Royal Academy of Arts; Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Harry N. Abrams, 2005.
Lilly Library N7161 .T87 2005 Check availability @ Duke
Table of Contents: The Turks: a historical overview / Peter B. Golden -- Religions of the Turks in the pre-Islamic period / Peter Zieme -- The Turks: a chronology / Peter B. Golden -- 1. CENTRAL ASIA, 600-1000 -- Chinese Central Asia (Xinjiang): its peoples and its culture / Marianne Yaldiz -- 2. THE SELJUKS OF IRAN AND THEIR SUCCESSORS -- The emergence of Turkic dynastic presence in the Islamic world: cultural experiences and artistic horizons, 950-1250 / Oya Pancaroǧlu -- 3. THE SELJUKS AND ARTUQIDS OF MEDIEVAL ANATOLIA -- The Anatolian Seljuks / Nazan Ölçer -- 4. MUHAMMAD OF THE BLACK PEN AND HIS PAINTINGS -- Glimpses into the fourteenth-century Turkic world of Central Asia: the paintings of Muhammad Siyah Qalam / Filiz Çaǧman -- 5. THE TIMURIDS AND TURKMEN -- The Timurid and Turkmen dynasties of Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia, c. 1370-1506 / David J. Roxburgh -- 6. THE OTTOMANS: FROM MEHMED II TO MURAD III -- Art of the Otooman court / Serpil Baǧci, Zeren Tanindi -- CATALOG! UE ENTRIES -- The Ottoman sultans as poets / Mustafa Isen -- The Turkic languages / Osman Fikri Sertkaya.

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