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Museum/Curatorial Studies: Article Indexes

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Article Indexes

Art Journal Databases in order of usefulness/importance 
See also, Art History (general) Database List at Duke


Other Article Sources Related to Art Education/Art Presentation


  • Museum standards and practices are closely alligned to educational interests.  Museum-practice topics can appear in Education journals.

Education Full Text - indexes The Journal of Aesthetics and Visual Arts Research

ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center - indexes a broad range of journals, including Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning and conference proceedings such as the annual Museums and the Web.


Historical Abstracts - the major history journal index, covers many museum issues, indexes Journal of the History of Collections


Newspapers - newspapers are very important for reading exhibition reviews, tracing media coverage of art or artists, popular reception to art and tracing works of art.

Nexis Uni - newspaper articles from the late 1980s onward (depending on the newspaper).  Separate search for European dailies is also excellent.

America's Newspapers - search American newspapers by region of the country or individual newspaper.  Great for seeing how an art show was reviewed in rural America.


Historic Newspapers

Frequently historic newspaper accounts can be primary sources for exhibitions and other reception documentation.  Excellent for reading art exhibition reviews.  Also good for patronage verification and biographical/obituary accounts.  Both these sources are the pdf scan of the actual newspaper.

Times Digital Archive - the Times (London), 1785-1985

New York Times Digital Index - 1851 until three years ago.

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