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LGBT Studies: Reference Sources

Introductory guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) resources at Duke Libraries

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Includes 2500 entries on all the landmarks in lesbian and gay history, language, politics and arts.

Traces the evolution from the early homosexual rights movement through a century of history and into the contemporary gay and lesbian rights movement. It presents the key organizations and their leaders, the essential issues and the strategies those issues suggest, and the situation in numerous countries.

An A-Z encyclopedia written for a broad audience by academic scholars in the field and independent scholars, as well as political & community activists.

Summarizes, interrelates, and synthesizes recent scholarship on male and female homosexuality and bisexuality, and, reaching beyond questions of physical sexuality, examines the effects of homophilia and homophobia on literature, art, religion, science, law, philosophy, society, and history.

Focuses on the second half of the Western 20th century. Provides biographical entries, major subject entries, chronologies and reading list


Gayellow pages [serial]
Informing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community since 1973

Queer Press Guide
Contact info for Journalists, Writers, Editors, Publishers and other relevant listings for the Queer Press.

Research Guides & Bibliographies

An interdisciplinary, annotated bibliography which provides an excellent introduction to gay/lesbian/bisexual studies. Divided into 24 main topics, including history and area studies, humanities, philosophy and religion, sociology, language, biology, etc. 

Examines the major genres of research on bisexuality, arranged chronologically to illustrate the development of research on the subject. An extensive bibliography covers literature on bisexuality in the US through 1999.

Intended as a first-stop research source, this volume presents summary chapters covering the historical background of gay rights and related issues including sodomy laws, gay marriage, domestic partnerships, child custody, antidiscrimination laws, the military, hate crimes, the gay press, the media, and religion.

Provides access to published and unpublished social science material, theses, journal articles, and books

This guide provides exhaustive bibliographies of fiction, nonfiction, and films created by, for, about and inclusive of bisexual people. 

Covers the following topics: adoption/foster care, child custody, the military, employment discrimination, censorship, religion, police attitudes and actions. Sources include The Advocate, The Ladder, The Mattachine Review, legal literature, popular periodicals (such as Time and Newsweek) and some monographs. Primary period covered is from the 1950s through 1987.