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PUBPOL 301: International

Political Analysis for Public Policy


Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)

Perkins Library collects most publications of the major IGOs. Check the catalog.

IGO guide

  • includes Google search of major IGOs; useful for identifying agencies for a specific topic

United Nations resources

  • includes identifying agencies and documents
  • also mine the UN website at

European Union resources

  • also mine the EU website at Europa

World DataBank

  • A complilation of World Bank data, including World development indicators (WDI)
  • Use to compile your own datasets on selected socioeconomic indicators for one or more countries

Links to good free info

WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs
Extensive compilation of links organized by media sources, organizations, regions and countries, and topics.

Country Background

Political Handbook of the World
Covers every country in the world and intergovernmental organizations; with extensive political background, economics, social movements, history and leadership of political parties, and current issues

The Economist

IHS Connect
Search for market and finance data by country. Includes a country's profile, current political, economic, legal, tax, security risk news, and long term (5 year) financial projections

Global Insight
Includes country reports and country risk ratings

Oxford Analytica

Current intelligence and geopolitical analysis for businesses and government agencies' use in strategic decision-making

International News

Nexis Uni covers some international news sources. See also:

World News Connection
English translations of selected newspaper articles, conference proceedings, television and radio broadcasts, periodicals, and non-classified technical reports from all areas of the world. Coverage varies, most 2003-present.


Non-governmental Organizations

Identify NGOs worldwide with:

Encyclopedia of Associations via the Gale Directory Library

Washington Information Directory 2017-18

Non-governmental Organizations
Interactive guide with links to hundreds of NGOs, and resources for further research.

Article Databases

For journal articles, remember that many of the databases listed in this guide have international coverage, such as:

Political Science Complete



See the full listings for subjects and areas of the world on the research databases page.