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Political Analysis for Public Policy

News Articles

Strategies for finding…National, regional and international newspapers and news magazines,  including New York Times, Washington Post (also available via e-journals)

  • Choose News in the leftmost box
  • OR use the Advanced Options next to the main search box to construct a search by dates and source type
  • Be sure to select dates you wish to search unless you want the default

Strategies for finding…Op-eds , aka “opposite the editorial,” usually written by policy experts or elected officials

  • Navigate to the Advanced Options next to the main search box and select "Editorials and Opinions" under the news subsection
  • You will need to distinguish between editorials written by the editors, and opinion pieces

Strategies for finding…Broadcast coverage, including TV and radio newscasts from national networks, cable and syndicated programs; starting dates of coverage vary. 

  • "Broadcast Transcripts" is another type of news type in the advanced menu

Historical Newspapers

See the detailed newspapers guide for finding historical newspapers.

Media Trends & Social Media

Video and podcasts