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PUBPOL 301: News/ Media

Political Analysis for Public Policy

News Articles

Nexis Uni 

Strategies for finding…National, regional and international newspapers and news magazines,  including New York Times, Washington Post (also available via e-journals)

  • Choose News in the leftmost box
  • OR use the Advanced Options next to the main search box to construct a search by dates and source type
  • Be sure to select dates you wish to search unless you want the default

Strategies for finding…Op-eds , aka “opposite the editorial,” usually written by policy experts or elected officials

  • Navigate to the Advanced Options next to the main search box and select "Editorials and Opinions" under the news subsection
  • You will need to distinguish between editorials written by the editors, and opinion pieces

Strategies for finding…Broadcast coverage, including TV and radio newscasts from national networks, cable and syndicated programs; starting dates of coverage vary. 

  • "Broadcast Transcripts" is another type of news type in the advanced menu


America's News

Strategies for finding…Regional, state and local papers

  • Choose America's News from the Newsbank database initial screen
  • For Op-eds, enter your search terms in the 1st box, then “op-ed” in the 2nd box, choosing “Section” from the dropdown menu
  • Click “Add a row” if you need to narrow your search with other fields such as date, OR
  • View results by filters such as date that appear on the left after your search

Strategies for finding…Regional, state and local TV news

  • Use the Source Types tab below the search boxes
  • Check transcripts and video
  • Perform your search as usual


Proquest federated search

Allows you to choose which newspaper (or other) Proquest databases you wish to search simultaneously.


Proquest  Newsstand

Search for news articles from newspapers, news websites and blogs from leading publishers throughout the world



Browse Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Economist front pages and sections

Search Strategies:

  • Use the Search Builder under Search at the top
  • For blogs, search by Source/ Select Source Category/ By Type
  • For op-eds, search by Subject/ Content Types/ Commentaries/Opinions
  • Click the up arrow to add the code to your search

Historical Newspapers

See the detailed newspapers guide for finding historical newspapers.

Media Trends & Social Media

Communication and Mass Media Complete
database for journal articles about the media and communication

Nexis Uni
for political and government blogs: Expand News search in the menu next to the search bar and select Source Type: Blogs

For blogs, search by Source/ By Type

Journalism & Media (Pew Research Center)
This Pew Research Center organization analyzes media coverage, including blogs and social media.

Center for Public Integrity
Nonprofit org. for investigative and accountability reporting 


Video and podcasts

America's News

  • Use the Source Types tab
  • Check video

Vanderbilt Television News Archive
evening news broadcasts from major U.S. networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN). 1989 to present.

  • Useful for finding… National news segments and brief blurbs on your topic (full videos require a fee)
  • Strategy: Identify news segments, then search for the transcript in LexisNexis using the steps outlined in this guide

Academic OneFile
Includes podcasts and transcripts from NPR, CNN, CBC (in addition to academic journal articles)

Apple Podcasts (formerly Duke iTunesU)
podcasts from across Duke University, including speeches, Duke Today, and course lectures

Internet Archive TV News
Search and view broadcasts from 2009 to present.

360 Daily
video search engine for the free Web, includes a News category