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PUBPOL 301: Public Opinion

Political Analysis for Public Policy

Public Opinion

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Useful for finding…

  • Data from polls conducted by survey organizations plus major newspapers and networks
  • iPOLL (national surveys from 1935 to present), Public Opinion Matters, Election Data, and National Science Foundation surveys


  • Choose iPOLL and search by broad keywords (think: how would the poll question be phrased?)
  • Use Boolean searches (AND, OR, NOT; * for truncation)
  • Click on the icon for “question details” , then “additional questions from this survey” to get the entire poll
  • If you see the RoperExpress icon  RoperExpress icon next to a question, click on it to download data
  • For datasets, not just individual questions, search Roper Express or "Search for Datasets"
  • You may sign in with a free individual account for more functionality


Useful for finding… Up to the minute polls from over 36 sources, including Gallup, Harris, Pew Research, and media


  • Recent polls are listed in the center
  • Search; or Browse polls by issue, using the links at the bottom below the current polls

The Pew Research Center

Useful for finding…

  • Studies of attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues
  • National surveys that measure public attentiveness to major news stories
  • Trends in values and fundamental political and social attitudes

Strategies:  Use the site search box or browse surveys from the topic index tab

Polling the Nations
Surveys from polling organizations in the US and 100 other countries from 1986 to the present time.