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Japanese Studies, a guide for undergraduate research: Govt & Stat Info

Duke's Japanese Studies collection supports scholarly activities across a broad range of disciplines and topics. This provides an introduction to key databases, journals and print sources or specific sources for data, film, images and primary sources.


Japanese Resources

Japanese Government Portal Site for e-government
A searchable site for Japanese Government information. Provides links to Ministry Homepages, Shingikai minutes, White Papers, statistical information, an index of laws searchable by name, keyword or number (some full text).  There is an English search but no English site.

Japanese Politics

Japan Considered Podcast
Weekly programs of analysis and commentary on Japan’s domestic politics and foreign relations.  Role of the prime minister and cabinet, changes in Japan's domestic political environment, connecting voters and candidates, constitutional revision, and Japan’s relations with other Asian nations. These broadcasts are created by Japan Considered Project creator/maintainer, Robert Angel, and include short interviews with other specialists on Japanese politics and international relations.

Japan Echo Web
Website contains both Japan Echo Web and the Chinese-language Yueyang Jujiao: Riben Luntan.These online journals present translations in English and Chinese of essays, commentaries, reviews, dialogues, and interviews by Japanese academics, specialists, and critics. The goal is to present a wide-ranging picture of domestic views of the conditions and the policy landscape in Japan, including the fields of diplomacy, politics, economy, society, and culture.

Japan Focus
Japan Focus presents writings about Japan, Japan in Asia and the world, as well as Japanese and international perspectives on contemporary Japanese politics, economics, society, and culture. It offers translations from Japanese, reprints of important English language texts, and Japan Focus originals. A subscription link to their weekly newsletter is available on the website.

Japan Politics Central
JP Central provides a searchable database on Japanese politicians that was donated to the University of Virginia by Dynamic Strategies Asia in 2003. Other resources, including information on Japanese election results and public policy debates, were developed by the Japan Political Studies Group under the leadership of Leonard Schoppa.  Has an extensive bibliography on 50 key topics.

Political Resources
Contains links to articles on Japanese politics, a full text version of the Japanese Constitution, as well as official party websites. Follow the "back" button at bottom of page for similar resources for the rest of Asia and the world.

In depth guides to Japanese Resources

Govt & Legal Info

Japanese Law Translation

JGuide to Japanese Government information
Provides links to information on cabinet level agencies (ministries), the Imperial family, interest groups, international relations, judicial information, the National Diet, other governmental information, political parties and regional governments.