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Japanese Studies, a guide for undergraduate research: Learn Japanese

Duke's Japanese Studies collection supports scholarly activities across a broad range of disciplines and topics. This provides an introduction to key databases, journals and print sources or specific sources for data, film, images and primary sources.

Dictionaries 辞典 字典(じてん)

Learn kana and kanji

Hiragana Katakana game

Learn Kanji

  • Kanji Alive
  • Kanji Site
  • Kanji Clinic
  • nciku
  • Kanji Practice (Dartmouth College)
  • Kanji Renshu (Duke University)

Applications for the iphone/ipod touch

Video and News Broadcasts

iPod/iPad apps

Gengou Free -Simple Japanese year calculator

Stanza - download news, books, to read when you have a connection and then read them later when you don't have a connection.

Units convert anything including currency.