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Japanese Studies, a guide for undergraduate research: Film

Duke's Japanese Studies collection supports scholarly activities across a broad range of disciplines and topics. This provides an introduction to key databases, journals and print sources or specific sources for data, film, images and primary sources.

Books on Film

Research guide to Japanese film studies
Annotated guide to bibliographic resources and to the major archives and libraries useful for studying Japanese film.

The Japanese Filmography
A Complete Reference to 209 Filmmakers and over 1250 Films Released in the United states, 1900 through 1994.

The anime encyclopedia : a guide to Japanese animation since 1917

Websites in English

iFilm Connections: Asia and Pacific
A catalog of recent feature films and award winning films. Essays on Japanese cinema, and filmography of prominent directors such as Kurosawa

JPREVIEW.COM: Reviews and News of Japanese Cinema

Kinema Club, Ohio State  
Kinema Club is an informal group of scholars studying Japanese cinema and other moving image media (the name comes from a famous Taisho era movie theater in Kobe) which was formed out of the shared need for bibliographic information. Has information on holdings in North American libraries, links to Japanese production companies, film festivals, actors, data and search engines, a discussion of Noel Burch's, To the Distant Observer, a guide to film specialty bookstores in Japan, and how to find prints in the US. Extremely useful.

Nippon Cinema
Reviews (in English), trailers, and links to more information.

Websites in Japanese

Access Up Anime Database

MovieWalkerPlus Database


Includes Japanese, international, student and online film festivals.


Japanese Reference Materials for Japanese Cinema
Authored by Aaron Gerow, this guide presents some of the major materials with minimal annotation that are covered in his Research Guide to Japanese Film Studies (2009).

Finding Films at Duke

Search tips for finding films in the classic catalog

To find anime at Duke, use advanced search of the catalog with "animated films Japan" as subject keyword and limit search to film/video format.

To find Japanese films at Duke, use advanced search of the catalog with "feature films Japan" as subject keyword and limit search to film/video format.

Documentary Films – Japan will find films on Japan.