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Citing Sources

Check out these sites for tips on citing sources:

Citation Management Tools

Citation tools allow you to save and organize your research. They also let you create formatted bibliographies.

Downloadable as a standalone program from OIT, EndNote is a powerful citation tool for organizing your research and creating formatted citations. In addition to the standalone option, you can create an EndNote Web account.

Google Scholar - Citations

Google Scholar is an excellent tool for searching across a set of scholarly journals and books. If you use a citation tool like EndNote or RefWorks, you can also set your Scholar Settings to download and import citations to the tools directly. 

  • Click this link
  • Select a citation style, e.g., EndNote.
  • Then, Save the settings.

You’ll see the EndNote link next to your search results. Click the link to download the citation, then open EndNote to import it. ‚Äč

If you have any more questions about Google Scholar, Ask a Librarian!