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United States History: Statistical Information

Statistical Resources

Listed below are a selection of resources to get you started in researching statistical information about the United States.  Also, a subject search or keyword search in the online catalog will yield additional resources.  In the subject search mode, look for the subdivisions statistics or tables as in, United States -- Armed Forces -- Statistics or Mortality -- United States -- Tables.  In the keyword search mode, include terms such as "statistics" or "tables" in the search statement, such as north carolina and population and statistics.

The reference librarians in the Center for Data and Visualization Sciences (located in The Edge,1st floor Bostock) can also assist you in finding statistical information.

Historical Statistics of the United States, Millennial ed. (colonial times to 2000) provides statistics on population, migration, prices, national income, social statistics, health and medical care, environmental questions, business activity, communications, international trade, and government regulation.  Tables are displayed in PDF, downloadable in Excel and can be graphed within the database.

Proquest Statistical Insight includes the American Statistics Index, Statistical Reference Index, and Index to International Statistics. The American Statistics Index portion provides indexing to federal statistical data and coverage is from January 1973 to date. Statistics from private organizations and state governmental agencies are available in the Statistical Reference Index and coverage is from January 1980 to date.  Full text or links to the full text are available for some of the indexed sources.

 Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States --  excellent source for recent data, but the tables usually include retrospective statistics, as well as sources for further information. This title was published by the Census Bureau until 2011. Proquest has now taken on the responsibility of updating and publishing this manual.