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CULANTH 347: University as Culture

Scholarly articles by discipline

For additional guides to research materials, also consult Cultural Anthropology Librarian Linda Daniel's Research Guide in Cultural Anthropology. If you're looking to research the experiences of students, faculty and staff in higher education by historical and ethnic backgrounds, start with the research guides in Area Studies:  :African American Studies Research Guide; Asian American Studies Research GuideLatino Studies; but there are many others. 


Be sure to check out the Education Research Guide by Education Librarian, Haley Walton.  She has collected a comprehensive list of resources, starting with those most frequently used by educators, as well as educational statistics, governmental organizations, research about curricula, and websites. She also provides and exhaustive list of organizations. 

To find scholarly journal articles search for your topic in the following research databases. 

Several librarians work with research and teaching history, and related fields.  Since most of your research will focus on educational issues in the United States, be sure to start with Kelley Lawton's Research Guide for United States History.  Another starting point will be the list of research databases below.  

Political Science Librarian, Ryan Denniston, has created separate research guides for Political Science and Public Policy. For any student looking to understand how public policy influences decisions about higher education, this is the place to start. To understand the US Legislative Process, Mr. Denniston provides an excellent research guide: Understanding the US Legislative Process, which starts with a flow chart. 

Be sure to start with Ciara Healey's Psychology Research Guide.  

Linda Daniel's Research Guide to Sociology is an excellent starting point for research.