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CLST 480S: Roman Coinage

Integrated resources

A number of resources integrate with others to provide a rich and sophisticated approach to research.   You can find a place in Pleiades, an online atlas (though much more sophisticated than any mere atlas), and link to the Pelagios Network, a database of objects in museums and other institutions.  A search in JSTOR will also pull images from ArtStor, both available to Duke scholars from the Research Databases page.   If you find an images of a Roman coin in Arachne DAI, the object and image database by the  German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and the Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne.  From an image of the coin, you find links to its place of origin, the museum or institution where it is currently housed, as well as related images and bibliographical references from the German Archaeological Institute's research database Zenon.