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Exploring the Chanticleer


This class session encourages learners to engage with the Chanticleer, Duke University's student yearbook, which was first published in 1913. As most, if not all, students would have owned a copy of the yearbook, it is a centralized history of an academic year--but, as with all histories, that does not mean that it is comprehensive in its depiction of Duke student life, nor that it is without bias in its choices of what to depict and what to exclude.

During this class session, you will:

Appreciate your role as a Duke University history-maker.

Practice textual and visual analysis using a familiar format and cultural environment.

Understand broad themes in the history of Duke student life and comment on how they reflect United States (and sometimes international) history.

Analyze the editorial choices made in a volume of the Chanticleer, paying attention to possible bias, exclusion, or overemphasis.

Our Approach to Classes at the Rubenstein Library

Our Approach to Classes at the Rubenstein Library