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Exploring the Chanticleer

Class Session Outcomes

During this class session, students will:

•    Appreciate the role of students as Duke University history-makers.
•    Practice textual and visual analysis using a familiar format (a yearbook) and cultural environment (Duke student life).
•    Understand broad themes in the history of Duke student life and comment on how they reflect US (and sometimes international) history.
•    Analyze the editorial choices made in a volume of the Chanticleer, paying attention to possible bias, exclusion, or overemphasis.

Pre-Class Assignments

Before our class session, please ask your students to:

  • Watch this video (2 minutes) and this video (3 minutes) about the Rubenstein Library. Although we’ll be meeting remotely, I’d like them to have some basic information about the library’s location, services, and collections.
  • Read the brief article on the creation of the Chanticleer that can be found at the bottom of the "Before Class Meets" tab. The article is also available on the UA's website here.
  • Spend 10-15 minutes looking over the Duke University Archives’ website. They might come up with a working definition of the UA’s role at Duke, as well as a question or two about the UA. We can make time to discuss this during our class session or as part of a forum discussion in Sakai.

Synchronous Class Plan

Asynchronous Class Plan