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Electronic Sources for Art : Subject dictionaries for Art

Written to address the Covid-19 research

Other e-source art reference pages

Chris Witcomb's Art History Resources - don't be fooled by the cheesy splash page:  There are some good links here!

ARLIS/NA  Free Art Resources on the Web - maintained by the Art Libraries Society of North America

Classical Studies

New Pauly Online - The classical scholarly world's encyclopedia.  Signed articles (ie, you can quote them in your papers), reliable data, core bibliography. 

don't forget THE SECRET WEAPON PQDT (Dissertations full-text) - 90% full text, super scholarly, keyword searchable, unique primary sources often in the back as appendices (more here)


L'Annee Philologique - the standard index for the ancient world.  All civilizations and topics.

- TIPS:  Advanced Search -► under THEMATIC SEARCH ► click "More Search Possibilities" ► next to "All Index Fields" type in Greek (or whatever area).