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Electronic Sources for Art : e-Articles

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Indexes to Journals

Art History Journal Indexes

These journals, below offer at least some articles full-text.


Other Helpful Indexes

Humanties Journal Databases

Electronic Journals by subject - URegensburg's list of online journals limitable by subject.  Just limit to "Art History" and scan titles.  Those free (or subscribed to by Duke) offer immediate access.

Specialty Bibliographies

Digital Humanities Bibliography pdf  (compiled Duke University)



Google Scholar - explanation - full text index of scholarly literature across a wide variety disciplines.  Text, however, is limited because of copyright, consulting the library copy may be necessary.

Google Books - explanation - full text index of books and magazines scanned by Google, converted to text using optical character recognition.  Like above, full-text examination is limited.



Current - exhibition reviews, tracing media coverage of art or artists, popular reception to art and tracing works of art.  Full-text or pdf

Nexis Uni - (formerly Nexis/Lexis) newspaper articles from the late 1980s onward (depending on the newspaper).  Separate search for European dailies is also excellent.

America's Newspapers - search American newspapers by region of the country or individual newspaper.  Great for seeing how an art show was reviewed in rural America.

Historic - newspaper accounts can be primary sources for exhibitions, reception documentation, museum collection history, etc.  Also good for patronage verification and biographical/obituary accounts.  Both pdf scans of the actual column.

Times Digital Archive - the Times (London), 1785-1985

New York Times Digital Index - 1851 until three years ago.

Other Article Sources Related to Art


ITER - Indexes journals covering European Renaissance (1300-1700) and medieval eras (400-1500).

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