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Electronic Sources for Art : eBooks

Written to address the Covid-19 research

Major e-book Catalogs

1. eBooks (only) in the Duke library

2. online journals (only) from the Duke library


Using the "all" search in the Duke catalog.  The "all" search (default) finds a few books, a few articles and a few websites with a preference for electronic.  Not the most efficient way to search, but it always pulls up interesting things.

3.  Jstor Book - Temporary accessundefined

Jstor's temporary access to 40,000 books electronically

During quarantine, Jstor is allowing access to book chapters and whole books from a list of publishers.

4. Internet Archive

Emergency Library Network During the current part of the pandemic, the internet archive has opened all the books from Phillips Academy Andover and Marygrove College, and much of Trent University’s collections, along with over a million other books donated from other libraries to readers worldwide that are locked out of their libraries.


2. Google Books & Google Scholar

Google Books allows you to search books by key-word.  It does not display the whole book, but in some cases, it might be enough.

Google Scholar is the same but for articles.

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