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Digital Materials at Duke University Archives

Searching the Digitized Chanticleer

You can access digitized volumes of the Chanticleer from 1912 (the first one!) to 2015 at:

Annotated search box showing the process for searching within a volume of the Chanticleer.

The Chanticleer's search feature isn't always perfect! The yearbooks often include fancy fonts, which can be hard for the scanning software to recognize. Sometimes it's necessary to page through the Chanticleer and see what you can find; there's usually a table of contents that can at least point you to a section you might want to look through.

Searching the Digitized Chronicle

There are two ways to search the Chronicle: by date and by a full-text keyword search.

1. Searching the Chronicle by date: start here!

              A screencap pointing out the location of the date range slider on the website for the digitized issues of the Chronicle.

You can limit your search to the issues from a single year, decade, etc., and browse through them in chronological order.

2. Searching the Chronicle by keyword(s): start here!

The simple search box (purple arrow) is great for searching single keywords, fairly unique last names, etc. Or click on the "Advanced Search" link (green arrow).


The "Advanced Search" is your best option if you want to search for more complex keyword phrases, like full names or the names of student organizations, campus offices, academic programs, etc. Make sure to select "Exact phrase" from the dropdown box of search options at the right.