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QGIS Introduction: Print Your Map


If you want to print your map you will need to use the Print Composer:

  1. While in the map canvas, click on the "Project" and then select "New Print Composer."
  2. You will need to name the Print Composer.
  3. Add items, edit the items and export the map.

Print Canvas

  • Add Elements - can add a map from the map canvas, a legend, scale, etc.  Click on the button you want and draw a box on the "piece of paper."
  • Output Options - can choose from jpeg, svg, pdf as the export type or print the document.
  • List of Items in the Print Canvas - items you have on the print canvas will show up in this area (for instance, legend, title, the map itself).
  • Item Properties - first click on an item in the list of items and then you can change the properties of the item using this box (font, size, text, delete legend items, etc.).

Print Canvas Layout