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QGIS Introduction: Merge Shapefiles


Merging data can be necessary when you obtain vector data from multiple sources.  In QGIS, the data need to be the data same type (i.e. all polygons or all points) and in one folder with no other data. Each layer should be the same underlying projection (check the layer properties, since difference won't be visible in the Project's Map Canvas panel). 


  1. Click on the Vector menu, Data Management tools, Merge Shapefiles to One...                          
  2. Ensure the correct shapefile type is selected (points, lines, or polygons).
    1. Select the folder where the two (or more) shapefiles you want to merge are located using the Browse button.
    2. Click browse next to Output shapefile, find your working folder, and name the output shapefile.
    3. Click OK.