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Duke History Revisited

Welcome to the University Archives!

The Duke University Archives is charged with identifying, acquiring, managing, and providing access to Duke University's official records. The University Archives staff is excited that you'll be working with us this summer!

Throughout your research, there are a couple of resources—all also linked from the University Archives' website—that'll be helpful to have at your fingertips:

  • Research guides: Created by UA staff, these guides identify key collections and other resources useful in researching popular Duke history topics. Note that they're not exhaustive; talk with us for help in locating additional resources! (The Duke Libraries also has a very thorough research guide to Durham history!)
  • Duke History website: this website serves as a portal to tons of historical information curated and interpreted by UA staff: historical articles; a timeline of Duke history; web exhibits; and a link to our Flickr site, which contains over 3,000 historical photos.
  • Digitized UA materials: This website is a handy gathering spot for lots of digitized UA materials, from digital collections of sermons preached in Duke Chapel and photos of Duke under construction to digitized publications like the Chronicle and the Chanticleer. This is definitely a site to explore thoroughly (and ask questions about)!
  • Our collecting policy: This might not sound exciting, but this describes what Duke documentation the UA—and Duke University—has decided contains "research value." Pay attention to what's included (it's what you have to research with!) and think about what's left out.

There are also a few non-Duke resources that might be useful to know about:

  • An amazing, community-built resource on the history of Durham's buildings and spaces, including many belonging to Duke University. It includes tons of historical and contemporary photos.
  • Durham County Library's NC Collection: The public library has an important manuscripts and rare materials collection. Their website shares digitized historical photos, web exhibits, and descriptions of their manuscript collections, many of which have a Duke connection. And yes, you can visit and use their collections!

Accessing Duke University Archives Materials

The materials described in this guide may be used in the Rubenstein Library's reading room.

Please note that university administrative records are restricted for 25 years after the date of origin, except with written permission from the office that created the records. Board of Trustees records are restricted for 50 years after the date of origin, except with written permission from the Board of Trustees. Find more information about University Archives access policies.

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