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Neurohumanities & Neurosciences Research in French

French 171 Professor Deborah Jenson

Limit to Language: French

This guide addresses the question: how do you limit your search results on topics in neurohumanities & neurosciences to only get results published in France or by French researchers?

Some databases allow you to create a list of journals by country of origin, see: Journals from France

Some databases allow you to search by address of the institution of the researcher

Some databases offer content in the French language only

Almost every major science, humanities, or interdisciplinary database listed in this guide under Databases for Articles allow limiting search results to "Language: French"

The Neuro* Research tab is focused on content hosted by institutions in Europe

Selection of Subject Terms

Search catalogs for books:

Use literary terms in combination with science terms in your searches, such as:


What is Neuroscience?

By tracking how often journals in neurology, psychology, and molecular and cell biology cited one another, researchers identified a period in 2004-5 when their ideas merged into the field of neuroscience.
Image by Martin Rosvall and Carl T. Bergstrom, PLoS One

Librarian for Neurosciences