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Refugee Voices from Germany



This guide was designed to provide help in finding refugee narratives and refugee resources from 2015 forward. In this guide, the focus is on refugees that arrived in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sources that are listed here are primarily in German and few are in English.

Finding refugee narratives as primary resources can be challenging because there are only few formally published sources. In order to develop an effective search strategy, it is helpful to understand the German media landscape and the importance of the Public Media / public broadcasting system, called Öffentlich Rechtlicher Rundfunk.

The Mind-Map below, provides an overview of the sources that might be considered. A more detailed description of sources can be found below and on the following pages.

It is important to understand that many relevant resources are published via a variety of platforms on the internet. Content that is available now might only be available for a limited period of time - websites might be moved and links can expire. In those cases, the publisher needs to be contacted. The main goal for this guide is to help understanding the public broadcasting landscape in Germany and to provide sample sources that are likely to cover refugee narratives now and in the near future.