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Refugee Voices from Germany



NiD - Neu in Deutschland - Zeitung über Flucht, Liebe und das Leben  (New in Germany - Magazine about flight, love and live)

NiD is a magazine written in German. The texts are written by refugee men and women and they cover a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints. Formats are interviews, poems, letters, stories, art and much more. The journal is published quarterly. It is available in print and online.


Flüchtling - Magazin für kulturellen Austausch  (Refugee - Magazine for cultural exchange)

This magazine is written in German. The magazine's goals are to create an equal dialog between refugees and Germans.Texts are written from refugees as well as Germans and cover a wide variety of opinions. The magazine was founded by a Syrian refugee who came to Germany in 2015. The main rubrics covered are: current topics, a topic of the month, portraits, comments, dialogs, and "Hartna" - The neighborhood.


Give something back to Berlin - Magazine

Give something back to Berlin is an award winning project that aims to bring together Berlin's diverse population of migrants, locals and refugees. GSBTB does social impact projects - reports, interviews, stories that come from these projects are covered in their magazine. The magazine is published online and covers refugee voices among other voices.


Fluter - Issue 55

Fluter is a magazine published by the German Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (BfpB). Issue 55 features the topic "Flight". It contains current refugee perspectives as well as reflections on the German history of refugees and flight.

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Leben in Deutschland - aus der Sicht von Flüchtlingen  (Life in Germany from a refugee perspective)

This documentary was done by refugee students in 2015. The students, who have fled to Germany themselves, interviewed other refugees to learn more about their experiences in Germany. Whereas most of the interviewed refugees have been in Germany for a longer period of time, this film was planned and conducted by refugee students who only recently arrived in Germany. The film is in German. A copy of the DVD can be acquired here:


Kino Asyl

Kino Asyl is an award winning film festival. The annual festival takes place in Munich and is curated by refugees with the assistance from professionals.

A corresponding publication, documents how the festival was developed: Kino-Asyl - Making-Off. The publication is in German and a print version is available upon request.

Kino Asyl - Making Off (PDF-version)


Youtube Series: Auf 1 Mate mit Omid

In 2015, Omid fled from Kabul to Germany due to the Taliban. In 2017, he started a YouTube channel to share his experiences and to inspire other refugees. This series is in German and supported by Media Residents and the newspaper Neues Deutschland.

Media residents is a hub and co-working space in Berlin aimed at refugees that work in Media and have a "publication-background".

TV and Radio

Berlin und Wir (TV series)

Four refugee and four German teenagers come together to get to know one another. This TV show for children and teenagers is broadcasted on ZDF and hosted on the ZDF media library. Each season has 8 episodes and the language is German.

COSMO (Radio Channel)

COSMO is a cosmopolitan and international radio channel. It is part of the German Public Broadcasting System (hosted by WDR, radiobremen and rbb). Cosmo shows often cover refugee topics and voices. An example is the special show that was broadcasted from a refugee home. On this show, stories and conversations with refugees are recorded.

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