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Pastoral Theology-Care and Psychology: Getting Started

This guide provides resources for practical theology that responds to the suffering and everyday situations of people's lives.

Welcome to the Pastoral Theology-Care and Psychology Page

This guide provides resources to support the Divinity School students in their ministry to parishioners in crisis and research into the best methods for providing acritical and imaginative practice of pastoral care and counseling. 

The Getting Started page provides general search tips, as well as links to online resources, journal titles, and reference works. Subsequent pages are devoted to the special issues encountered by practioners and ministers.

Pastoral care and counseling : redefining the paradigms

The contemplative counselor : a way of being

The practice of pastoral care : a postmodern approach

Pastoral theology in an intercultural world

African American pastoral care

Pastoral care and counseling with Latino/as

Pastoral Care and Counselling from an Asian perspective


The subject headings can be searched in Duke's library catalog. The subject terms could also be used to search other library catalogs including WorldCat.

Pastoral psychology

Pastoral counseling

Pastoral care and hermeneutics

Psychology, Religious


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