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Raphael Lemkin at Duke: Getting Started

This guide provides starting points for research on Raphael Lemkin's time at Duke University (April 1941 to June 1942 )

Raphael Lemkin at Duke

Source: The Durham Herald-Sun (Sunday, September 21, 1941)

Local Newspapers

Archival Materials

Selected list of Lemkin's contemporaneous publications

  • "The Treatment of Young Offenders in Continental Europe." Law and Contemporary Problems 9:4 (Autumn 1942), pp. 748-759.
    Comparative study of educational and correctional measures and juvenile courts in North America and Europe and Soviet Russia. The journal is a publication of Duke University Law School.
  • Key Laws, Decrees and Regulations Issued by the Axis in Occupied Europe, compiled by Raphael Lemkin (Washington: Board of Economic Warfare, Blockade and Supply Branch, Reoccupation Division, [December] 1942)
    Lemkin's English translation of official German decrees, which served as the basis for the largest section of Axis Rule in Occupied Europe ("Part III: Laws of Occupation: Statutes, Decrees, and Other Documents").
  • "Orphans of Living Parents: A Comparative Legal and Sociological View," Law and Contemporary Problems, 10: 5 (Summer 1944), pp. 834-854.
    Survey article commissioned for a special issue devoted to children of divorced parents.
  • Axis rule in occupied Europe: laws of occupation, analysis of government, proposals for redress (Washington : Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Division of International Law, 1944).
    The first publication where the word "genocide" appeared in print. The preface was written in "Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C." and dated "November 15, 1943."

For an annotated bibliography of Lemkin's oeuvre, consult Prevent Genocide International's Comprehensive Bibliography: Writings of Raphael Lemkin and Key Writings of Raphael Lemkin on Genocide.


Bookplate from Duke University Library’s copy of Lemkin's La réglementation des paiements internationaux (Paris, 1939). Accessioned April, 1941.

Campus Publications