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Freely Available K-12 Teaching Resources

As part of the open education movement, K-12 teachers are creating and sharing reusable, remixable learning materials. This guide is a gateway to finding K-12 lesson plans, worksheets, and other learning materials available for free to use.

Questions about OER in K-12?

The guide is maintained by Haley Walton, Librarian for Education and Open Scholarship at the Duke University Libraries. Triangle- and Triad-area teachers are welcome to contact Haley with questions about using OER. Duke's mission is to share knowledge in the service of society—including North Carolina teachers!

Freely Available Images

Looking for an image you can use in class?

Curricular Materials

Curricular Materials Resources and Textbooks

Searchable OER Repositories

Searchable OER Repositories

These repositories are collections of creator- and user-uploaded OER materials across countless topics and grade levels. Results can be fruitful, but could take more time to search and sort through than the K-12 resources above.