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Ethics 89S: Long, Strange Trips

Duke Publications

Student-created poster for Grateful Dead Concert at Duke, 1982The Duke Chronicle: Browse or search through issues of the Chronicle from 1905 to May 2000.

  • See the "Searching the Chronicle and the Chanticleer" tab at the left for tips on how to search the Chronicle.
  • Browse through issues dating before the concerts to find ads. Browse through issues dating after the concerts for reviews, photo essays, letters to the editor, and more. Note that articles about the concerts won't always be published the following day; you may need to browse through issues from several days after the shows to find articles and photos.
  • In addition to the digitized issues, the University Archives holds paper copies of the Chronicle as well.
  • If needed, you can search for articles from May 2000 to the present on the Chronicle's own website. (Click the magnifying glass at the top right of the homepage).

The Chanticleer: Browse or search through the annual Chanticleers (Duke's yearbook) from 1912-2016.

  • See the "Searching the Chronicle and the Chanticleer" tab at the left for tips on how to search the Chanticleer.
  • Remember that a volume of the Chanticleer covers the academic year, not the calendar year. The 1978 Chanticleer, for instance, will cover Fall 1977 and Spring 1978.
  • The Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band performed at other NC colleges and universities, too (like UNC-Chapel Hill)! Here's a collection of digitized yearbooks from other NC schools.

The University Experience: This annual unofficial handbook to Duke student life was published between 1968-1978 by the YM-YWCA, a center of progressive activism on campus. It's a great source for information on Duke's counterculture. Browse digitized issues here.

Archival Collections

The archival materials and collections described here aren't digitized, so you'll need to visit the Rubenstein Library reading room to work with them. There are a couple of quick steps you'll need to complete before visiting the reading room, and you should try to complete those at least 2-3 weekdays before your visit. See the "How Do I Access These Materials?" tab for instructions or contact Amy for help!

Note that we may not have photos, videos, posters, or other printed memorabilia for every Grateful Dead concert--that's not uncommon for archives! This just might mean that we have to get creative about how to represent the concerts visually or auditorily. I'm happy to help you brainstorm possibilities!

  • There's video of the Jerry Garcia Band concert, although the footage may not be great; the original tape was damaged before it came to the University Archives. You'll need to view the footage in the Rubenstein Library reading room. Contact Amy to make a plan for this.
  • For video about student life in general, the 1981-1982 Duke Yearlook--a student-produced video yearbook--might be worth taking a look at. Here's the digitized video. Unfortunately, this was the first Duke Yearlook produced, so there aren't older videos for the years of the earlier concerts.