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Ethics 89S: Long, Strange Trips

1. Ask for the Material to be Digitized!

Rubenstein Library staff can digitize complete folders for you! You'll need to tell us exactly which folder(s) to digitize for you and we may only be able to digitize 3-5 folders at a time (we can't digitize an entire collection, unfortunately!). Ask Amy if you need help figuring out which folders you'd like digitized.

Follow these instructions to request that a folder or folders be digitized for you!

2. Visit the Rubenstein Library Reading Room to Look at the Material!

You may make an appointment to visit the Rubenstein Library reading room and look through the archival materials you've identified.

The reading room is open by appointment only during these hours. To keep everyone safe, all researchers are asked to wear masks and practice social distancing while in the reading room. Unfortunately, this means that group research visits aren't possible.

Here's what you'll need to do to get ready for a reading room visit:

  1. Chat with Amy about what you're planning to look at during your reading room visit! (I may decide that it'll be possible for us to scan the material, thus sparing you a trip!)
  2. Make an appointment to visit the reading room! Here are instructions on how to do that.
  3. Place requests for the boxes and/or items you want to look at! Here are instructions on how to do that.

You will want to book your appointment and request your boxes/items at least two weekdays before you plan to visit—this just gives us time to plan, pull your boxes and items, etc.

If you're having trouble making an appointment or requesting boxes, don't worry! Ask Amy for help.